It might be your great-grandfather’s whiskey! Pre-prohibition flavor profiles.

Craft distilling is making a huge comeback in Virginia. Three Brothers Distilling has created two products and has more on the way. We are producing high-quality pre-prohibition spirits with fantastic flavor profiles. 

At Three Brothers Distillery, we are very passionate about creating customized spirits with an elegance that has been lost over the years. We, along with other small producers, are bringing a different level of fine spirits to the market, just as craft wineries and craft breweries have done.

Silk Jacket Craft-made gin

Kablam Corn Whiskey and Silk Jacket Naval Strength Compound Gin. Both are Virginia’s Finest products. Both may be special-ordered at your local Va ABC stores.


Each Batch is Unique

From highly flavored gin to more simple un-aged corn liquor, Three Brothers is going to offer you something special in craft distillery production. In fact, we will be offering spirits that are unique to this – or any market. The secrets? Its the mix of ingredients in each batch we make, and we make all of them with love and a reverence for the craft distilling tradition.

Three Brothers will always stress quality over quantity when it comes to any of its custom-made products, whether it is a compound gin or a small bottle of bitters.  We love this stuff! We make it, and we breathe it. Best of all, we get to drink it.                                                                                David Reavis, Founder and President

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