Three Brothers Distillery was formed with the goal of producing high quality aged products, particularly rye whiskey. To the extent possible, all of our ingredients will be locally sourced, and we will always look to local farmers and business owners first.

The first products we will release, Silk Jacket Gin and Kablam corn whiskey require no aging.

    Silk Jacket Naval Strength Gin Product

Silk Jacket Naval Strength Compound Gin

Your Grandfather or Great Grandfather’s Spirit

It’s available, and early comments are overwhelmingly positive. 

Silk Jacket Gin has a very special flavor profile, unlike anything you have ever tasted before. It is a one-of-a-kind product. One whiff on the nose, and you know it is gin by the unmistakable scent of juniper. In order to be called gin, the spirit must contain juniper. That’s where the similarities end.

Testimonials for the flavor testing have been phenomenal. We have heard all of the following.

  • “I don’t normally like gin, but I like this one.”
  • “I have never tasted anything like this.”
  • “Is this really gin?”
  • “This is absolutely wonderful; what did you do to flavor it this way.”
  • “I am a Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx purist. I wouldn’t replace it with yours, but I want to have yours in my liquor cabinet. It will surprise my friends.”
  • “One of the finest chefs in Hampton Roads said “How quickly can we get this. I want my bartenders playing with ideas.”
  • “I would not mess this up by mixing it with anything except maybe a little water.”
  • “I hate gin and I hate this gin.” There was our dose of reality.  You just can’t please everyone. 

Historical Facts – The Reasoning for “Gunpowder Gin”

Also called gunpowder gin, naval strength gin carries quite a wallop at 114 proof, but there is a historical reason for it. In the days of sailing ships, the drink of preference for the officers, who were members of the aristocracy, was gin. The crew drank rum, grog, or whatever they could get their hands on. To prevent the crew from getting to their gin, officers began locking the gin in the powder room, the only place under lock-and-key on a sailing vessel. However, as you know, if gunpowder gets wet, cannons don’t fire. Therefore, the British Admiralty passed an edict that if alcohol was to be locked up in the powder room, it had to be of sufficient alcohol content to burn. Alcohol burns at 57%, or 114 proof.


Kablam Corn Whiskey

                                                          Unaged Spirit

“George” Aged Rye Whiskey

Three Brothers Distilling was founded to produce this product. However, all fine whiskeys like George must be aged for an adequate time before releasing for consumption. We will begin holding back casks for the aging process almost immediately after production begins.

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