Silver Dolphin Gin


Silver Dolphin Naval Strength Gin

(Formerly Silk Jacket Naval Strength Compound Gin)

“The Brown Gin” – A Whiskey Lover’s Complex Sipping Gin

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This exceptional new product is getting rave reviews from early adopters and creating a bit of a stir in the cocktail industry around Virginia where it is being introduced. Buyers who are whiskey lovers love this unique product simply over ice, or with a little water to lower the alcohol burn. Lowering the alcohol burn is the proper way to drink fine Scotch and Bourbon, as well as Silver Dolphin Gin

What are we hearing? “Wow!” “I was not expecting this”. “This is very different.” “I don’t care for gin, but I have to say I like this one.”  “This is a real sipping product.”  “I wouldn’t mess this up even with tonic.” “We will order this immediately and have our bartenders get familiar with it”. “Sipping on this reminds me of sipping Scotch.”

“Naval strength” or navy strength means that it is at least 114 proof, the point at which alcohol burns.

“Compound” means that it is flavored after the second distillation and contains small particles from the flavor-yielding ingredients. The oils that leach our from the ingredients give Silver Dolphin Gin its golden brown color.

Tasting Notes

Main flavoring ingredients include star anise, cardamom, coriander, lemon peel, orange peel, and a touch of cinnamon. On the “nose”, you will get a strong scent of the cardamom and the citrus notes. Some people pick up the cinnamon there as well. Our bar tending friends are telling us that it is extraordinarily smooth for a high-proof spirit with no real “bite”. The mouth feel is quite different with taste buds picking up the ingredients separately. It finishes quite long with further hints of licorice from the star anise, lemon and orange peel, and a late hint of the cinnamon. With many people, each sip seems to be a bit different.

Sipping Notes and Complexity

What’s the difference between sipping notes and tasting notes of Silk Jacket Gin? Experience over time; either straight up over ice, or mixed. Most of our customers tell us that the more they sip, the more they taste. This reflects the quality and complexity of the product. At a recent private tasting at the Princess Anne Country Club, one sampler tasted it straight over ice. Being a little too “hot” from the high alcohol content, he asked for tonic which the club happily provided. After several sips, his comment was “Wow! I am getting different flavors with each sip. It changes slightly from herbal to citrus and back, and then I taste licorice.”

When mixed with ice and water, you will notice that the clear color fades to a little cloudy. That comes from the oils in the flavoring ingredients that are added to this after the second distillation. This makes Silver Dolphin a compound gin. 


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