Craft made Gin – We’re Almost There

Well, we are getting so close to our craft made gin that we can almost taste the spirits!

The building is nearly complete. We will add the pictures soon. We have passed both Federal and State Inspections. We are basically licensed to produce our products, but we are not quite finished. We have a few things left on our menu in order to pass the state agriculture department inspection. That should take place very soon.

This tall, slim “drink of water”  is the basic label for our Naval Strength Compound Gin called Silk Jacket. This gin is a throwback to the gins of yesteryear.  You will not find any flavor profile like it on the market today, and that was our goal.

Did we want to produce a very different compound gin? You bet we did!

You can read the story of Naval Strength Gins by clicking the following link: Silk Jacket



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Posted on January 31st, by Chandler T in News.

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