Cocktail Corner

The Smooth Criminal from Belle & James

I recently called on Micheal Truxton and the gang at Belle & James in Richmond. He introduced me to a new world of savory cocktails.

BTW – the “I” in this post is Chandler Turner, the marketing director of …

Royal Navy Contributions – The Gimlet

The Royal Navy gave us Naval Strength Gin through requiring all alcohol stored on board Naval vessels be stored at 57% alcohol or greater. They are also responsible for the Gimlet.

James Lind, a Scottish surgeon discovered in 1747 that …

Virginia’s Finest Gin Cocktails

Silk Jacket Gin has earned the label of one of Virginia’s Finest products. There are new cocktails to go with that designation. We have begun to experiment with lots of mixes. Frankly, most of our early users tell us that …

We’re Open for Business – Early Sampling Results are Phenomenal

We’re finally open for business at the distillery site. We had a soft opening a couple of weekends ago. Wow! Most people love Silk Jacket Gin.

There are haters. LOL. We know that some people are not going to like …

I Hate Gin, But I Love This One

Some things, you just can’t make up. This is one of them.

Just after mixing a cocktail using our “taste test” product, my wife and I walked down the street to talk to a neighbor. I asked her if she …

Cocktail Creation: The Cotton Gin

What happens when you take a local Farm to Table Restaurant and combine it with a great grain to glass craft distillery? You get something Amazing!


Cotton Southern Bistro is a Chesapeake local restaurant that seeks to bring comfort back …

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