I Hate Gin, But I Love This One

Some things, you just can’t make up. This is one of them.

Just after mixing a cocktail using our “taste test” product, my wife and I walked down the street to talk to a neighbor. I asked her if she would like sip. She said that she did not like gin, and told us the familiar story of “when I was younger I had too much of it”. Well, we have heard that many times before.

My wife asked her to have a little smell, so I handed her my glass. She was astounded, and said “This is gin”! So I offered her a sip. She took a little sip, and as she was handing me back the glass, she pulled it back and took another one. I had to laugh. It was her reply that was so astounding. She said “This gin tastes healthy”. Well, I can tell you that I have heard spirits called many things in my life, but healthy is not one of them. However, we will take the compliment.

Silk Jacket Gin has a most wonderful and beguiling flavor, one like no other you have ever tasted – we promise. And apparently, it tastes healthy. LOok for it soon in an ABC store near you.

Chandler Turner, Partner


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Posted on February 23rd, by Chandler T in Cocktail Corner.

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