Help us Win a Superbowl Ad

So, I love football as much as anyone, but more fun than perhaps football, are the ads at Superbowl time. We are officially entered in Intuit’s Small Business Big Game contest to win a 30 second ad during the Superbowl! How great would that be to see Three Brothers Whiskey ad during the Superbowl! I mean come on that would be nothing short of awesome!!! So please take a moment and share with your friends, and vote everyday between now and September 22, 2013 to get us into the next phase of the contest!! We need your support, the support of all your friends and family to get us to the next step and one step closer to winning the ad for the Superbowl!!

So please click on the link, vote, share with the world and repeat the next day!!

Thanks for your support!!!!
Whiskey Dave


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