Crossing the Finish line ahead of the Rev’noors

So a update to the status of the apparatus here at Three Brothers’ Whiskey. We attended our second board meeting with the Sussex County Board of Supervisors yesterday. We introduced ourselves and discussed what we as a business bring to their county. After we were done, they passed a motion to waive the fee for our zoning change request. While it is not the zoning change, the signal by the board to waive the fee is a strong positive voice of support for us as we move through the process.

Additionally, the Planning Office passed along our information to the Central District Business Gateway, an #economic #development agency for Virginia. They reached out to us yesterday and we are meeting them on July 19th. We look forward to their support and assistance in taking us to the next step.

We have also joined the Veteran Farmer Coalition. The VFC’s mission of the to mobilize veterans to feed America and believe that veterans possess the unique skills and character needed to strengthen rural communities and create sustainable food systems for all. This ties into our policy of supporting local producers in sourcing our ingredients and bringing value to farm produced crops and we look forward collaborating with the VFC as we grow..

Another big news item is that we are finally talking to an underwriter at the bank and are working to get the loan ready to submit to the SBA for there guarantee program. We hope to have word on that in the next couple of days. The underwriter thinks that this is good to go and as the pro, who are we to argue with him. Keep your fingers crossed for a speedy approval.

The last item is this is the last 40 hours of the #Indiegogo #crowdsource funding campaign. While we are no where near the goal, the money raised will help us move in the closer to being able to get the 300 gallon still to make more #whiskey for the Whiskey Brotherhood and our supporters everywhere. Please help spread the word to everyone, encourage them to support by showing your own support. If every fan of this page were to choose the Shots Heard #incentive, we would be able to get the 300 gallon still kick our production into high gear. So click on the link below and help us cross the finish line strong.

Thanks for your support!


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