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It is Day 10 of the campaign. So I would like to take a moment to give you some updates on where we are as a business and some events we have coming up here in the short term.

 The first news is that we have had a good week in our campaign. We have raised $652.00 and people are checking out the site. We love whiskey; you love whiskey, now we need to get word out to all the other whiskey lovers that are out there! So share the link on your Facebook, twitter about it to your followers, share it with the person standing next to you in line.

 Next item was the visit to Cheerful Chicken Farm out in Sussex County, VA. Shaun was a great host and we had a great time eating a lot of good ham that he raised himself. The property is amazing with big open fields, a stocked pond for fishing, horses, pigs and chickens, oh my…  Shaun and I are in agreement that this is where Three Brothers’ Whiskey needs to be. We are going to meet the Sussex County Board of Supervisors on the 16th of May and having spoke to the Supervisor of our district and he is excited about us opening.

 Once we get the zoning approval from Sussex, we will start the process of moving our business out to the Farm. With the funds from this campaign, we look forward to opening there with a 300 gallon still!

Our new tantankks will be on order soon and we look forward to getting those in hand. These all cypress tanks are not only awesome to use, they are fantastic to look at. Paul makes each tank by hand with the same care and creaftsmanship as we take with our whiskey. These tanks rock!





 I asked for some inputs and suggestions for a new  incentive and got a couple of responses. I combined the ideas and here is what we have come up with .  For a donation of $125.00 we will present you with a limited edition bottle of Deputy Dave’s Contraband Corn Liquor. Each one of these bottles will be numbered, signed and boxed in a gift box from Three Brothers Whiskey. These bottles will be from a special production run once we are opened in the new location!  Thanks to Stephen Q and Frankie P for the ideas that led to this and each will be getting one of these boxes!

 Thank again for your support of our campaign! Your support is appreciated and we look forward to sharing a drink with you when you come to see the Still!




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