We’re Open for Business – Early Sampling Results are Phenomenal

We’re finally open for business at the distillery site. We had a soft opening a couple of weekends ago. Wow! Most people love Silk Jacket Gin.

There are haters. LOL. We know that some people are not going to like our gin or any gin. It’s okay. But here are some of the things people have said, and these are far and away the majority of comments.

“I don’t like gin, but I like this one.” We hear this all the time.

“This is as smooth as the name implies. I cannot believe that I am drinking a 114 proof product with nothing but an ice cube. It is so smooth!”

“This is really gin”? Multiple comments.

“This reminds me of a great tasting liqueur”.

“There is no bite to this”.

“When will it be available in stores”.

“Can I get free samples”? We knew we were going to hear that a lot. The answer is no.

“What else do you have? If it is this good, I want some of that too”.

Well, we should have our corn whiskey available very soon. It’s called Kablam! Please come for a visit on Saturday between 10 and 5. We will take appointments for visits on Sunday. Please call or email.






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Posted on June 30th, by Chandler T in Cocktail Corner.

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