Virginia’s Finest Gin Cocktails

Silk Jacket Gin has earned the label of one of Virginia’s Finest products. There are new cocktails to go with that designation. We have begun to experiment with lots of mixes. Frankly, most of our early users tell us that they prefer drinking it over ice without adding mixed ingredients. Some add a little water. That’s pretty natural for a 114 proof product. Adding a little water reduces the alcohol burn and opens your taste buds up to the full flavor profile, just like master distillers recommend for fin Scotch and bourbon.

Silk Jacket Gin does well with citrus flavors and others; orange juice, pineapple juice, apple juice, to name a few. Its herbaceous flavor profile is wonderful.

This is a gin in the traditional sense in that we use juniper. But some of the similarities stop there. This is NOT your usual gin. Many of our early adopters are telling us that this is absolutely not what they expected. We understand. It isn’t supposed to be like any other gin on the market.

Want a sample? Come visit us at the distillery or go to your local Virginia ABC store and ask them to order you a bottle. They will special order it, using ABC number 32329.

Check out the cocktail corner page for a few ideas.


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Posted on August 22nd, by Chandler T in Cocktail Corner.

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