Welcome to the new site!

So, the first thing, is welcome to the new site.  We have been working diligently behind the scenes, remembering html codes, finding the right photos, and burning the midnight oil to get the site up and ready for the big events that are getting ready to happen.  Take a look around.  Tell us what you like, tell us how we can make it better.  This site is here for you!

Next up, and the most important event in the near future is the launch of our crowd source funding campaign on May 4th.  We are excited to have you, the members of the Whiskey Brotherhood, taking part to help us get our stills on order.  There are several great incentives for your participation: challenge coins, ball caps, sweatshirts to the top tier incentive of your own private label from our distillery.

The key though, like in all crowd source funding campaigns, is to get the word out. We need your support in spreading the word. Tell your neighbors, tell your relatives, tell the person standing next to you.  The more people we get to support, the sooner we make our goal.  The sooner we make goal, the sooner we get our still and start making great whiskey for you!

So starting May 4th at 8am, go to igg.me/at/3BrosWhiskey and show your support for the Whiskey Brotherhood!



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