We’re Getting There

Here we go!

On Saturday we were lucky enough to have a great team of volunteers working on finishing touches around the distillery. Thanks to Chris, Loyd, Sean, and Chandler. This is the very first bag of sugar going into the mash tun – the first step in making our first product.

Very first bag of sugar for the first run.

You can see the double-bladed mixer on the top left. This ensures that the sugar/water combination is mixed evenly.

The next step in the process of making any spirit is adding the yeast. The combination of the yeast and the sugar begins the chemical reaction what will begin to become alcohol.We built a couple of new storage racks that will end up holding our grains, and we are actively “mudding” the drywall seams, sanding, priming, and painting.

I don’t think Sean really needed the “apparent” supervision in the shot below. LOL. It was a good day for all. BBQ lunch up the road was darned good, too.


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Posted on February 16th, by Chandler T in Distillery Events.

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